Who Wants to PARTY?

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Believe it or not, the Party Name field is among the most-critical fields in TrialWorks to fill-in. Why?

The Party Name is the FULL AND PROPER NAME of a person or entity that creates a special relationship with other information in TrialWorks. Using the Party Name supports:

  • Requesting medical records for that specific Party
  • Viewing insurance policy for that specific Party
  • Generating correspondence for that specific Party
  • Identifying costs relating to that specific Party

The term “Party Name” appears on the Clients Tab and the Other Parties Tab:

Client Tab full screen with highlights

Other Parties full screen with highlights

If a user forgets to fill-in the Party Name field, here’s what happens when that user tries to request medical records:

Medical Tab with WRONG Party Names

Medical Tab Detail with Wrong Party

Who is “Party?” We don’t know because the Party Name field wasn’t filled-in on the Client Tabs or the Other Parties Tab.

When used properly, however, the Party Name field displays the special relationships between a Party and other information. For example,

Insurance Liens full screen with highlights

Because this user filled-in the Party Name fields properly, it is easy to see the name of the Adjuster, Insurance, Policy, Claim Number and other important information specific to that Party.

Let’s look at one more example. Take a look at the Costs Tab, and notice how under the Client column on the second and third rows the Party Name just says, “Party.” Which Party? Who incurred the $125.00 cost for medical records?  Who incurred the $125.00 cost for copies?

The importance of the Party Name field becomes very apparent when reviewing the Costs Tab.

Costs Tab full screen with highlights

An quick way of checking whether the Party Name field is being properly used, go to the Contacts Tab:

Contact Tab 2 showing Party Name with highlights

HINT! When opening a new case, always remember to include the Party Name on the Clients Tab before going to any other tab in TrialWorks. Similarly, if you have the Other Parties information at that time, make sure to give those persons or entities a proper Party Name, too.


If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of referencing the parties in your case as a the Clients and Other Parties in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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