Keep TrialWorks Today and Your Call Log Minimized All Day Long!

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I’ll admit it. I like to minimize my screens. At any given time, I might be responding to 3 or 4 different emails, have a few documents opened, and answer a call or two in between.  

So, when I learned that I can minimize TrialWorks Today and my Call Log, I got a little excited.

As seen in the image below, with TrialWorks Today opened all day long, you can easily monitor your calendar, tasks and activities in one, simple view. Click through to an actual appointment or task without having to open a specific case.

Minimizing - TW Today with highlights (2)-44552

At the same time, you can also keep your Call Log opened, allowing you to make your calls, send them to the Notes Tab, and create Docket entries without ever having to close the window!

Minimizing - TW Today and Call Log with highlights (2)-44552

HINT! Every morning after launching TrialWorks, get into the habit of just opening TrialWorks Today and Call Log windows!


If you’re interested in learning more about using TrialWorks Today and the Call Log, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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