Modifying “Intake Status” from the Intake Wizard

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The Intake Status field is a self-building dropdown, which means that you can add any value you feel is necessary.

The Intake Cases Manager lists three Status selections by default: Summary Turndown, Quick Turndown and Under Consideration.

Intake - Status Field three typical choices. wth highlightsPNG

But, what happens when you need another choice, such as “Needs Attorney Approval” or “Waiting for Additional Info?”  The Intake Cases Manager Status Field can be updated with the self-building dropdown list.

Intake - Status Field Needs Atty App with highlights

And Voila! The new Intake Status appears in the Intake Cases Manager.  And remember, from here you can further sort by Intake Status by using the dropdown filters!

Intake - Status Field highlighted row Needs Atty App

WORD OF CAUTION! While self-building dropdowns make it easier to create additional selections in a data field, it can also result in a disorganized mess. So, always proceed with caution! Admins can lock down self-building fields.

Finally, please remember that the Status field must be set to Under Consideration to move the case into TrialWorks as an active case.


If you’re interested in learning more about modifying statuses in the Client Intake Wizard in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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