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Can’t remember what is due today? Looking for a quick “To Do” List?View Reminders when you start TrialWorks and here’s how!
First, set your Reminders List to appear when opening TrialWorks.
Click on ‘User Tools’
Then ‘Default Values.’
Under the ‘User Settings and Help’ Tab, click the checkbox to ‘Enable Reminders on Startup.’ When you start TrialWorks, you will now be prompted to
view your Reminders.
Reminders are associated to Docket Items. The Reminder screen show Docket Items due that day and any Past Due items.
To use Reminders, make sure Docket Items are set up correctly. To create a new Docket Item…
Click on the Docket Tab.
Click the Yellow Plus Sign to add a new entry.
Fill in the appropriate information. Fill in the ‘Assigned To:’ field.
To ensure the item will appear on your Reminders, click the Reminder checkbox and add the number of days prior to the due date/deadline you would like to be reminded.
Click ‘Add Tickler’ to save the changes and close out of the window. Choosing to add or not to add the Docket Item to the Calendar is entirely up to you.
The next time you open TrialWorks you will be prompted to view your reminders.
You can also view the Reminders Window any time throughout the day by clicking on the Reminders icon on the home ribbon.
Here you will see an active list of Reminders, including the Phone Call we just created in the Docket.
Use the dropdown to view a different TrialWorks user’s Reminder List or select ‘All,’ to view Reminders for all users. Limit Docket Items for one user by clicking ‘Limit by Assigned To Only.’
See Reminders for Active Cases, Intake Cases or Both.
When a Docket Item is complete or a deadline has been changed, mark those items complete or modify the date through your reminder window.
Click the ‘Completed’ checkbox. Once marked Completed the item will be removed from your Reminders list and the Date Completed will be noted on the Docket tab.
To modify the entry double click to open the Docket Detail.
If for example, your call was rescheduled, you can edit the deadline date or time by using the dropdown at the Docket Detail Window or, reopen the entry and add any relative details from the results of the call.
When you are done, close the Door to save and exit.
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