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Are you still running your envelopes through a postage meter?

Why not use the® integration in TrialWorks?

Here’s how!

Integration with is a User specific setting, not global to the firm. Each user will have to enable this feature. To configure the integration follow these steps:


 Select ‘User Tools’ from the User Ribbon.

unnamed (1)‘Default Values’

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Under the ‘User Settings and Help’ Tab, click the checkbox to ‘Use’ If you would like to keep track of client expenses, also check the ‘Add Postage to cost’. This will create an entry on the Costs Tab.

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If you have not downloaded the Software, or are a new user of, you will be prompted to register with right from TrialWorks.

There are two ways to use through TrialWorks.

Print an envelope from the Contacts Tab:

unnamed (4)

Click on Contacts

unnamed (5)

Highlight the contact you wish to create an envelope for

unnamed (6)

Then click the ‘Envelope’ icon on the Bottom Button Bar of the Contacts Tab.

unnamed (7)

If you haven’t already, you will be prompted to sign in to your account.

unnamed (8)

The ‘Delivery Address’ will automatically transfer from the contact to the integration. You can choose to change the address by typing into the field.

Select your ‘Mailpiece.’

Add the ‘Weight’ of the envelope. Notice your ‘Total Cost’ change as you add weight.

Select the ‘Mail Class.’

You have the option to add ‘Insurance’ for the envelope.

Select your ‘Mailing Date.’

Add an envelope to the printer and select to ‘Print Postage.’

unnamed (9)

The Total Cost will then appear as a line item in the Cost Tab of TrialWorks.

unnamed (10)

The second way use is in the ‘Correspondence Tab.’

After you have created the letter you want to send, click the ‘Print Envelope’ icon at the bottom of the detail window.

unnamed (11)

unnamed (12)

Follow the same steps to complete the details of the package by adding the address, weight and date to the window.

Select to ‘Print Postage.’

The Total Cost will also appear as a line item in the Cost Tab of TrialWorks.

unnamed (13)

For best results, fully fill out the setup and configuration of the Software.

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