Intake Cases Manager for Potential Clients

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Received a document from a potential client and wondering where it should go?

Upload it to the Intake Cases Manager!


Click on the Intake Cases Manager icon.


Find the potential client you’ve received a document on behalf of or from.

Double click within the Injured Party field.


Click on the ‘Documents’ Tab


Select the ‘Import’ Button


Locate the document you wish to upload and click ‘Open’


The imported document will show under the ‘Link’ column. Use the dropdown menus to complete the details of the imported document.

From: Who the document is from.

Tab: Once the Intake is pushed to active TrialWorks, setting the tab will push documents to the right location.

To send a document as an attachment from the Intake Wizard, click the  ‘Send Mail’ icon in the Documents section:



Select All or select one file to attach to the email.


If you are emailing the document out of the office, select ‘Send As Attachment’

If you are emailing the document internally to a coworker for review, select the ‘Send As Link’ option.

Include Intake Information – This option will include all the data entered in the intake. Use this feature to share documents and data obtained.

Include All Intake Fields – This includes any fields showing in the Intake.


Once you’ve selected documents, click the Mail Icon and your pre-completed Outlook item will open.

To file an email you have received on behalf of an Intake Case:

Modify your TrialWorks Addin to see Intake Cases. Right Click in the Case Name, scroll to ‘Show,’ Select All or filter your cases to only see ‘Intake Cases.’



Find the Intake Case by typing in the name or using the dropdown.

Click to ‘File to TrialWorks.’

The email will appear within the Documents Tab in the Email section of the Intake Wizard.

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