Tracking Time and Creating the Bill

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Want to track time and easily create a bill? Or just know how many hours you are working on a case?

Here’s how!

Let’s start by adding some billable hours.


Click on ‘Home,’ then Click on ‘TimeKeeper.’


Click the yellow plus sign to create a new entry and complete all of the necessary fields of information to document your time.


Case Name: The case name will default to case you are currently in. Click the drop down to select a different case.
User: If you’ve chosen yourself as Author in User Defaults this will default to your name. Click the drop down to select a new user.
Billable Hours:  Enter an amount of time or use Start/Stop to clock time as you complete a task.
Task Code: Task codes are a global library that can either be developed by the firm, or imported from an accounting program.
Explanation: Description of your time entry. Provide as much detail as you wish for invoice or reporting needs. You can also use the spellcheck feature by Right-Clicking in the text box and clicking ‘Spelling.’
Billable Time: If you are going to bill for your time be sure you click the checkbox for Billable Time.
Click ‘Save & Close.’
To view what has been billed for a case, run one of the many TimeKeeper Reports
that are available.


Click on the reports menu, and select ‘Financial.’

Select ‘TimeKeeper.’
If you are looking for a report that is the format of an invoice, consider the Trialworks ‘Time & Expense’ Report. This report not only shows time billed within a given date range, but also litigation expenses from the TrialWorks Cost Tab.
Select a Date Range.
The invoice can include the Task Code, Activity Code, or Show Billable Only.
Click to ‘Preview Report’
This Report generates with your Firm Information along the top, who the invoice is being sent to, the date of invoice, an invoice number, file number, and reference line for your records.
If there were costs incurred within the date range they also appear on the invoice.
From the Print Preview Screen, you can e-mail this report, print it, or convert it to PDF, XPS, Word or Excel. If you needed to manually make changes, convert the report to Microsoft Word, then save the document back in to TrialWorks.
Upon closing the report from the Print Preview Screen, you will be prompted to save the invoice to the case.
The invoice will then be saved to the Memo Tab (this tab can also be called
the Document Tab).
For your own records, you will then have the option to Mark those entries as Billed. This feature will automatically add the date it was billed to the entries.
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