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What method do you use to file e-mails into TrialWorks?
Are you using the TrialWorks Add-In?
Customize your Add-In to make filing emails even easier.
Here’s how!
The TrialWorks Add-In for Outlook is designed to move matter related e-mails into a client file.
Double Click to open the email.
Notice the Add-In options at the top of the mail.
The Add-In looks at the domain ( of the sender and tries to match it to an existing e-mail address in the database. You may have noticed, the Add-In will try to guess what Case the e-mail should be filed in based off the sender.
Use the drop-down to select the Case Name and Category to file the email.
We recommend the use of Categories to easily filter or search for an e-mail using additional criteria. For example, if you’re corresponding with an Adjuster in an effort to settle the case, you may want to use a category such as “Negotiations”. This would allow you to filter the email and view only Negotiation emails.
When ready, click the ‘File to TrialWorks’ button.
Wish there was an easier way than opening each email before you file?
Customize your TrialWorks Add-In!
Click on the ‘TRIALWORKS’ Tab in Outlook then click on ‘Options.’
Use the checkbox to select ‘Enable filing from Reading Pane.’
You will be prompted to restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.


You also have the option to turn on ‘Auto Filling.’ This feature will automatically file an e-mail based on the sender or recipients email address. TrialWorks will prompt you before it files the e-mail.


To file an email from the preview panel, notice the Add-In options available in the top right section of the preview panel.
Looking for another method of filing e-mails?
Use the Right-Click Menu!


Right Click on the email, or group of emails you wish to File. On the bottom of the Right Click Menu, click on ‘TrialWorks,’ and select ‘File Selected E-mails.’


A pop-up will appear with the Tag E-mail Options, enter the Case Name, Category, and click ‘File to TrialWorks’ as you would in the above methods.
If your e-mail doesn’t immediately appear on the E-Mail Tab of TrialWorks, please allow a few minutes, Outlook will attempt 3 retries, every 2 minutes before moving the e-mail to the ‘Unable to File’ folder found in Outlook.
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