Using the Medical Tab and Medical Reports

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How to REALLY use the TrialWorks Medical Tab.


Click the ‘Yellow Plus Sign’ to make a request to a provider for Medical Records.


The ‘Add Medical Visit’ window will appear.


Be as thorough as possible when entering data in the designated fields. All data can be pulled into multiple TrialWorks reports to automate the creation of a Chronology or List of Specials.


Health Care Provider: Use the drop-down to select the Health Care Provider to request records for.
Date of Treatment & End Date: Enter dates of treatment.
Amount Billed: Total amount billed by the provider.
Category: Select the category of records.
Insurance: Select the Insurance Company that has paid the bill.
Use the ‘Amount Paid’ field to document multiple payments made towards the total bill.  Double click in the ‘Amount Paid’ field to add multiple entries.
Payer:  Select the individual or company making payments to the Health Care Provider.
Amount: Enter amount paid
Date: Enter the date of the payment.
Notes: Enter details of the payment.
After you receive your Medical Records, fill in the remaining fields.
Author: This will default to your TrialWorks Author. Use the dropdown to select another user.
Date Sent: Select the date you sent the request to the provider.
Date Rcv’d: Choose the date you receive the Medical Records.
Diagnosis Description: Type the details of the medical visit.
Treatment Description: Enter the specifics of the treatment received.
Notes: Additional notes.
Mark other relevant medical information along the bottom of the window using the checkboxes. Close the Door to save the entry.
Use the Medical Reports to automate Chronologies or see a Report of Health Care Providers and Total Damages. Click the ‘Meds Report’ button at the bottom of the Medicals Tab.
Use the checkbox to ‘Include Payment Breakdown’ and select ‘Detail’ to generate a list of all Health Care Providers and include the detailed payments breakdown.
You can choose to Email, Export to PDF, Word, or Excel, or Print right from the
Print Preview Screen.
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