Tracking Referrals

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Wonder how many cases a lawyer has referred to you?

Use your filters and reports!


Click on the ‘Case/Retainer Info’ Tab


Use any of the three ‘Referral’ fields. Consistency will allow you to generate Reports as well as maintain and navigate your Case List.


Click the ‘Filter’ icon to the left of your Case List to open the ‘Filters’ window.


Select the source by typing the name or click in the drop-down from your library.


Click ‘Apply Filter’ to continue


Use your mouse to hover over the Case Filters Options to view the number of
cases in your filter.


Use this filter to quickly view and navigate between the cases matching your filter.


If you want to print a report, click on the ‘Reports Ribbon’ and choose ‘Referral.’ A list of the various ‘Referral Reports’ appears. Select the Report that works best for you.


Choose the Referral by name and click Preview to generate the report.


Reports can be sorted, printed and emailed or can be exported to Excel, Word or converted to PDF from the Print Preview Ribbon. Close the Print Preview screen when you are finished.

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