How to Use the ‘Save As’ Feature in Office

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Need to start a document without a template in Word or Excel?

Created your own PowerPoint Presentation and now need to save it in TrialWorks?

Now you can with the TrialWorks Microsoft Office SAVE AS Feature!

From the File Menu in any Microsoft Office Product (Word, Excel or PowerPoint)



Click on “Save As in TrialWorks.”


The Save Document Options Window appears.


Change the default Document1 File Name to your own file name.


The file type will default for the program you’re using, like (*.docx) for Word.  Use the drop-down and easily save the file as a different version or to save the file as a PDF.


This field will populate as you begin to type your Case Name or click the drop-down to view your TrialWorks Case List.


Click the Funnel icon to filter your Case List. Any filters you have set previously will apply here.


Use the drop-down to select the Tab in TrialWorks.


If you are using document categories, select the proper one.


The Author will default to your User Defaults in TrialWorks. click the drop-down here to select another Author.


Select the Party to which the file is being created on behalf of. Party pulls from Client
or Other Parties tab.


Click to ‘File to TrialWorks’ to save your file.

You must select a Case and Tab for your file to save. We recommend the use of Document Categories and adding the designated party. All fields are searchable and filterable for an extra level of document management in TrialWorks.

This feature is available in TrialWorks 10.7 and higher and is compatible with
Microsoft Office 2007 and higher.

TrialWorks 10.8 was released on July 20, 2015. If you are not already running 10.8, please contact our Scheduling Department to arrange for an appointment.

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