Using The Global Docket

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Wish your Global Docket looked like your Outlook calendar?

Here’s How


On the Home Ribbon, click on Global Docket.


Use the filters at the top to view Docket items by user.


‘Atty/Support:’ Select between you, another user, or all users in the firm to view upcoming or past items.


‘Show:’ See all Active matters, Intake matters or both.


‘From:’ Select a date range.


TrialWorks will default the Global Docket to Datasheet view, click the Calendar radio button to change to a graphical view. View items in calendar view by Day, Week or Month.


Select ‘Preview Report’ to view a report showing the Date, Time, Case Name, Description, for appointments or tasks set to be completed and who is
assigned to it.


This report can be printed, emailed, exported to Excel, or converted to a PDF right from the Print Preview Ribbon.

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