E-mailing Multiple Documents

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Need to quickly email multiple documents in a Case?

Click on the ‘E-mail’ button located on the Home Ribbon.


The ‘E-mail Form’ will open.


(1) Select Case: The Case Name will default to the Case that you have open, however, click on the drop-down to access your Case List and select a different one.

(2) Select the documents you wish to email by clicking the check box. All documents in the case will be available and will be grouped by Tab.

If the document is housed on the ‘Link’ tab, click the check-box under ‘Link’

If the document is housed as an ‘Additional Link,’ check off ‘Additional Link’

If the document is housed as ‘More Links,’ check off ‘More Links’ to attach it


You can choose one or multiple documents to attach to an email by checking the box.


An easy way to find a document quickly without having to scroll would be to click on the black down-arrow on the TAB column.

This allows you to filter the list of documents by selecting and focusing on a particular tab. For example, to select multiple pleading documents to attach, un-check ‘Select All,’ add a check-mark to ‘Pleadings’ and click ‘OK,’ this will filter the documents and allow you to only view the pleading documents in the list.


(3) Next, ‘Select Receipts:’ you wish to email the selected documents to.


(4) If you want to send the document(s) in their original file format, you are all set and can click on  ‘Send Email.’

 However, if you wish to convert to a PDF or compress the attachments, you can select those options here too.

Once ready, click to ‘Send E-mail.’


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