E-mailing a Single Document

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Need to quickly email a single document to a contact in a case?

Or email a document located in TrialWorks to an outside source?

Here’s how!

Go to the document you wish to email and right click on the blue hyperlink.


Among the options, you can choose to convert and email the file as a PDF, or send it to your desktop. Select ‘Send File as PDF Attachment’ if you have Adobe Acrobat, convert to PDF using Microsoft Office by selecting ‘Send File as PDF

Attachment using Word 2007′ or convert using WordPerfect by selecting
‘Send File as PDF Attachment using WP.’

Alternatively, select ‘Send File as Attachment’ to email the file in its current format.


Select the contact you wish to send the document to. You can select multiple contacts by simply clicking the names of several recipients.

When ready, click ‘Continue.’

Outlook will automatically populate the selected contact’s email address and add your document as an attachment. When sent, the email will also automatically file to the Email Tab of the selected case.


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