Using TrialWorks to Better Manage Documents

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Searching for a document but can’t seem to find it?

Quickly find a document within a tab by keyword or specific criteria.

Manage documents using TrialWorks categories, filtering and searching!


Click on the Correspondence Tab to find a letter you’ve sent to someone.


Click on the Search Bar found on the bottom left of the screen.


The TrialWorks Search Bar is a full-text index of the Tab.

This allows you to quickly start typing a title or word, and automatically jump to the document you are looking for.

This search function is available on all Tabs in TrialWorks.

If searching isn’t doing the trick, try filters!

Taking it a step further, each column on every tab can be filtered to quickly find information. Click on the black caret featured at the top of each column to customize and filter the search.


In the ‘To’ column, uncheck ‘Select All’ and click one individual who the document was sent ‘To.’

This will limit the view on the screen to show only those documents sent to the selected recipient.

All of the columns work in the same way. Filter by Author, Document Category, Date Sent or From.

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Select Text Filters to search for a specific person.

If an exact term is what you’re looking for, filter by ‘Equals…’

If you know a certain word is featured in a title, use “Contains…”

If you remember what the document ends with, filter by “Ends With…”

The more information you have, the quicker you can find what you need – keep this in mind when generating another document.


Generate a new document by clicking the Yellow Plus Sign


Fill in as many fields as you can to reap the benefits of managing documents in TrialWorks.

Use the various columns available within each tab’s datasheet. The more fields filled in, the more options to filter are available.

For instance, if the “from” field is complete, documents can always be sorted by sender. If the “category” field is complete, a user can sort by document category.


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