Creating a Service List with TrialWorks

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Create a service list with a click of a button!

The Service List check box is a great way for any TrialWorks user to quickly distribute documents to all attorneys in a case.

After a case is created, enter attorney information on the Other Parties Tab.

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Click on the ‘Other Parties’ Tab

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Click the Yellow Plus Sign to add opposing counsel.

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Fill in the attorney’s information.

If the attorney is an existing contact, click the Yellow Pencil Icon to search the firm’s address book and add the contact.

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The Service List is set up using the checkbox and it is only featured on the Other Parties Tab.

Click the checkbox to “Include in Service List.”

The Service List template option is available on a number of tabs including the Deposition, Hearings, Legal/Discovery, Pleadings, and Subpoena Tabs. To use this feature, add the firms Certificate of Service template to your default values.

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Click on User Tools

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Click on Default Values

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Click the Template Settings Tab


These templates pull from the Pleadings library. TrialWorks ships with a sample template or your Administrator may have already created one for your firm.

Use the dropdown to select the Certificate of Service Template.


Close out of the window by clicking ‘OK.’


Click the Deposition Tab or one of the tabs featuring the Service List.


The Service List icon is available to the right of the printer icon at the bottom of the Deposition, Hearings, Legal/Discovery, Pleadings, and Subpoena Tabs in TrialWorks.

Click the Service List icon.


Your document will generate.

An additional benefit of the service list checkbox is the creation of an email distribution list for this case. Easily email all attorneys on the Service List or electronically serve them.

To do so, click the E-mail button on the Home Ribbon.


Click Home


Click the E-mail


To email all attorneys in the case, select the ‘Email All Attorneys on the Service List’ button and click ‘Send E-mail.’ Or, select a document first before clicking Send E-mail.



If your jurisdiction requires the electronic servicing of court documents, use the option to ‘Serve All Attorneys on the Service List.’ Click the checkbox to select a Pleading. Then, click Serve All Attorneys on the Service List button, then click ‘Send E-mail.’


The selected pleading was automatically converted to a 5MB PDF and the email was created to include the attorneys service email addresses, court caption information and an automated subject line of ‘SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENTS.’


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