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Are you frequently downloading the same case law or trying to remember the last case that had a similar issue?

Use the Research Tab to organize case law, briefs, memos & more!

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Click on the Research Tab.

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The Research Tab is broken up into four document management categories; Law, Medical, Other and Briefs.

Save documents to the Research Tab using FileIt.

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Drag and drop the documents into FileIt, and fill in the appropriate fields.

Use the ‘Tab’ dropdown to select the Research tab to upload the document to.

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Click the ‘Transfer Files’ button on the bottom right of FileIt.

If a file you wish to save is already part of a current case’s documents and you wish to copy or move that file to the Research Tab, use the right click feature to copy the file it to the Research Tab.

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Click on the Tab that is housing the document.

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Right click on the subject line of the document, and click ‘Transfer a Record.’

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Select the Research Tab (and its category), opt to either Copy or Move the document, and click ‘Execute.’

That document will now appear on the Research Tab.

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Go to the Research Tab and click on Law

You will see the document listed.

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Use the checkbox in the ‘Save’ column if the research is beneficial to all practice areas. Items marked with the ‘Save checkbox’ will appear globally on the Research Tab in every TrialWorks case.

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To link research to a specific case type, use the Liability & Sub-Liability options. Click in the Liability field to select the Practice/Case type associated with the document you have just saved.

This library pulls from the Case Retainer Tab.

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Adding a Liability will grow the library, but the research entry will show only in cases marked with that same liability on the Case Retainer Tab.

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By adding a category or liability and forming research libraries, the documents you’ll need become readily available to you for future similar cases.


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