Using the TrialWorks Case History Tab

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Want an easy way to locate a document and email simultaneously?

Can’t find a document another TrialWorks user filed?

Wondering about a case’s sequence of events?

Use the Case History Tab!


Click on Case History


The Case History Tab is a chronological list of events pulled from every tab as they are added to the case.
The Description featured on the Case History Tab is limited to the first 250 characters. This is to cut down on load times as you filter and search.
Use the down arrow located on each tab to easily sort the columns or filter what’s shown on the Case History Tab.
Run reports using the Reports button located on the bottom of the Case History Tab.
Click the Report button.
Select all Tabs or choose the Tabs you wish to see.
The ‘Group By Tab’ option will categorize the report by Tab depending on a user’s preference.
Click Preview Report.

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Print, E-mail, edit or convert the report from the Print Preview Screen.
You can also create new documents  to any tab right from Case History.
Click the yellow plus sign on the bottom of the Case History Tab
Select the Tab you wish to create a new document
The document will be added to Case History automatically and also show on the individual tab.
Remember, the Case History Tab is a running list in chronological order as new documents or entries are added to any tab. For new firms or firms that have recently had data conversion; if you’re not yet used to where documents end up in TrialWorks, use the Case History Tab to easily locate them!
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