Using Status and Priority Codes

In TrialWorks Tips by trialworks

The Case Status and Priority Codes are admin features designed to be customized for any firm. Use these fields to view instantly the true stage a case is in. Applying these fields to a case will reflect into a variety of case reports and built in Dashboards.

Setting up Status and Priority Codes
*Only an Admin user of the firm can set up the Status/Priority Codes. Once set up, any user can apply the status to a case*

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Status/Priority Codes

  • Status ID– This field has a character limit. Use as a “Title” or shortened description field.
  • Description– Use to type in the actual status description
  • Days Allocate a number of days a status should be in
  • Sub Status– Apply a sub status
  • Case Status– Tie these status options to an overall Case Status.
For example, if a case is marked Settled, a user would only view settled status options
Example Status Codes we recommend:

Pre Lit, Pre Litigation, In Litigation, Under Investigation, Reviewing Medicals, Still Treating, Complaint Filed, Prep for Trial, Discovery set, Funds received awaiting for disbursement.

Example Priority Codes we recommend:

5 stars, 4 stars, 3 star, Level 1, Gold Star, VIP


Applying Status and Priority Codes to a Case

Case Retainer/Info Tab: Apply the status by choosing the drop down next to Status or Sub Status. Once applied, the days will start calculating and reflect how many days a status has been in a specific stage.
Intake Case Manager: Within the Case Tab, Apply the status by choosing the drop down next to Status or Sub Status. Once applied, a date will appear reflecting the day the intake went into a specific status.
Case Summary Tab and Reporting
  • View the Case Status and Priority Code instantly by clicking the Case Summary Tab. This will provide a true snapshot of the case.
  • Use the Cases Sample View Dashboard to view overall the firm’s cases and their status/priority codes. Use the export button to Excel for further analyzing of the data
  • Under Case Reports choose “Additional” to run a case report by a specific status