Drag and Drop directly from Outlook

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Email has become the main form of communication these days, especially for our clients. We are corresponding on a daily basis and sending/receiving multiple types of attachment(s) via email. Easily drag and drop your attachment from Outlook into FileIt to file important case-related information. This feature allows you to preserve the email attachment exactly as you received it, while filing into the proper tab in TrialWorks.

  1. FileIt should be opened and minimized. Once minimized, the icon is located on your Windows Task bar
  2. In Outlook, from the preview pan or opened email, drag and drop the attachment on top of FileIt

    – If multiple attachment’s, make sure to use click CTRL on your keyboard to highlight multiple attachments

– The attachment(s) should open up in FileIt where a user will tag to a case


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Watch how to drag and drop an attachment(s) from Outlook

*TrialWorks Tip*
FileIt will not remove the actual attachment(s) from the email once you drag and drop onto FileIt. The email will remain exactly as the user received it. We recommend you use the Outlook Addin to file the email to the Email tab of the case once complete.