Email Notification for New Case

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Any new case that is created in TrialWorks can produce an Email to notify user(s) at the firm a new client has been retained. This feature is great if you happen to be out of the office or need the notification to open a file for Billing. Only work on Medical Malpractice cases at the firm? Great, set the email notification based off specific case types.

Setting up Email Notifications

*Only an Admin user can set access the Settings Tab*

  1.  Go to Settings and select Global Settings
  2. Select Email/Fax Settings
  3. Check the box for “Generate Emails when new cases are created”


Setting up Email Notifications based off Case Type
  1. Go to Settings and select Case Types (liabilities)
  2. Make sure all the appropriate Case Types are listed
  3. Within the Email List type in the email addresses that should receive this email Separate by semi colon.

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Once a user will create a new case the Email will automatically generate. The email will save into the Email Tab for the newly created case.

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Avoid any communication break-down at the firm and easily provide an Email notification when a case is created. All departments or specific user(s) can be notified instantly.