Holiday Season Mass Client Mailer

In TrialWorks Tips by trialworks

The Holiday Season has arrived and it’s time to send out holiday cards. Use the built-in Dashboard named: Clients Sample View to view all your Clients instantly. Instead of going through each case individually or spending time individually typing client names, use the Dashboard to pull all information into one screen.

On the Home Ribbon, choose Dashboard

  1. Select Clients Sample View
  2. A list will automatically generate with Client related information

Home ribbon Dashboard3. Individual users can modify the information they would like to view. Use your cursor to expand, hide or move around column

4. Each user can also use the filter options at the top to tailor the report.

For example, only want to see open clients? Use the filter Case Status and select Open as the option

Clients Sample View

Once the Dashboard is personalized to a user’s preference, you can use the export options at the bottom right corner

  • Excel: Use to export to Excel for further filtering or modifications
  • Word: Use to push open into a Word document
  • PDF: Use to push open into a PDF format
  • Email: Use this option to compile an E-mail of this particular Dashboard

Dashboard Export Options

Use the following link to create different label options in Word:

If you’re interested in learning more about Holiday Season Mass Client Mailer in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #2.