Create a Holiday Letter Template

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Holiday Season is here, and now is time to set up a Holiday Letter Template. Create the letter once and save it for future use for next season. Use TrialWorks to generate the template for each client or use the Mass Mailing Wizard to generate for multiple clients at once!

Set up Your Template:

  1. Start in Word with a blank page or a letter template
  2. Make sure to insert TrialWorks Bookmark codes to pull information into a template. Typically we recommend the following for a letter:

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.02.07 PM

Holiday Letter Sample Template3. Once the Holiday Letter is setup convert into a Template by using the TrialWorks Save As Addin in Word

4. Make sure to save the file as a Template and the Correspondence Template Library.

Save As option in Word


Save As option

Generate Holiday Template Letter:

  1. Generate your letter from the Correspondence Tab; or
  2. Use the Mass Mailing Wizard located on your Home Ribbon

For detailed information on the Mass Mailing Wizard feature, click here

Creating a Holiday Letter Template can be fun and easy!Get creative and spread the holiday cheer!

If you’re interested in learning more about How to Create a Holiday Letter Template in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #2.