Update Firm Holidays

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It’s official. It is now 2017! Make sure to update your Holiday List within TrialWorks to avoid calendaring any important dates on a Holiday.

Go to Settings and Select Holidays:

(Admin User Only)

  1. Update all Holidays including court-related holidays
  2. Use the door to close and save

Settings Holidays

Docketing on a Holiday

If a user tries to docket on a holiday a prompt will appear.

The user will be prompted to select another date.

Docketing on a Holiday

Keeping track of Holidays is essential to maintain an accurate calendar for the firm. Make sure all Holidays are set to avoid any deadlines or critical dates falling on a Holiday!


If you’re interested in learning about Updating Firm Holidays in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option 2.