TrialWorks Version 11-Tab Tricks

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Welcome to TrialWorks Version 11.  One of the most common requests we’ve heard over the years from our users has been to improve the user interface.  Today, we’re going to take you on a quick tour of some of the modifications we’ve made that allow you to personalize your TrialWorks experience, including changing the Order, Shape, Theme, and Font Size of the Tabs.




The first thing you’ll notice is the overall new appearance of the Tabs.  Administrators now have the ability to change Tab Colors, allowing everyone to use an easily distinguishable and firm wide color scheme to find any tab quickly.  When you first upgrade to TrialWorks 11, your tabs will still be gray.  It is up to your firm administrator to go in and make these color choices.

The rest of these customizations are available to each individual user to setup TrialWorks just the way they want it.

TAB POSITION: Right-click on any Tab to move it to the First Position, Last Position, Left or Right.  And if you don’t want to see that Tab at all, you can simply Hide it.  Assembling the Tabs you use most often, in the order that makes most sense to you, eliminates the time spent “Tab-Hunting,” and allows you to organize the workspace.



TAB SHAPE: For some added originality, click on the Overflow Button, navigate to the Customize Menu, select Shape, and choose File Tab, Round or Square to hand-pick the desired shape of your Tabs.  Notice that when you modify the shape of your Tab, the appearance of the buttons also changes to complement your choice.T&TV11TabsImage3


TAB THEME: To add just a little more flare to your desktop, users can change the theme of the Tabs.  Again, right-click on the Overflow Button, navigate to the Customize Menu, and select your Theme.  Choose from gray, a pale pastel palate, or go full color!  Notice that your theme selection carries through to the Bottom Button Bar, where the colors correspond to Tab Color and Theme.



TAB FONT SIZE: Finally, we allow you to adjust the Font Size of your Tabs to be Small, Normal, Large or Extra Large … easier on the eyes for those of us who stare at computers all day.  Click on the Overflow Button, navigate to the Customize Menu, select Font Size, and choose your favorite font.T&TV11TabsImage5


OVERFLOW TABS: Notice that as you increase the size of your font, the Tabs may “fall off” of the top bar.  No fear … just click on the Overflow Button to navigate back to those fallen Tabs.



We hope you find these changes to be fun and encourage you to design your desktop to fit your personality!

To upgrade your version of TrialWorks, please email us to schedule your upgrade. For help customizing your tabs in TrialWorks Version 11, please contact support through our website or by calling 305-357-6500.