Holiday Season 2017 – Create a Holiday Letter Template

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Holiday Season is quickly approaching, so now is a good time to set up your Firm’s Holiday Letter Template! Use TrialWorks to generate the template for each client, or, use the Mass Mailing Wizard to generate letters for multiple clients all at once!

Create the Basic Template:

1. Start in Word with a blank page or a letter template;

2. Insert TrialWorks Bookmarks to pull data into the template.  A typical letter might use some of the following Bookmarks:


Date: Pulls the date the document is created

Address: Pulls the recipient address block for the letter

Salutation: Pulls the salutation for the recipient. Ex: Mr. Doe

Author: Pulls the author signing the letter

RE: Reference field from the Caption Tab for the case

For example,

Holiday letter template

3. Once the Holiday Letter is setup, convert it into a Template by using the Save As in TrialWorks Addin in Word:

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.24.11 PM

4. Make sure to save the file as a Template in the Correspondence Template Library.


  • Generate your letters individually from the Correspondence Tab.
  • Use the Mass Mailing Wizard located on your Home Ribbon to send to all your current clients.
  • Create the letter once and save it for future use for next season!

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a Holiday Letter Template within TrialWorks, please contact Training at (305) 357-5700.


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