Top 3 TrialWorks Tips of 2019

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Top 3 TrialWorks Tips

As we get back into the swing of things in 2020, we’re reflecting on the tips that readers found most helpful in 2019. Here are the top three:

How to Reassign a Case

Today’s turnover in law firms is only increasing. Approximately 44% of employees, including entry-level hires, switch firms after three years. When associates leave the firm, it’s essential to have clear and accessible ways to reassign workflow.

In one of our top TrialWorks Tips of 2019, we explain how easy it is to reassign a case and docket activities when one employee leaves and another takes over the case list. Check out this tip to learn about how the Fix Drop Down feature can save you time when employees turnover.

How to Track Case Lifecycles

In the 2019 report “The Future Ready Lawyer,” 83% of the legal professional respondents defined as “Technology Leading” are using or plan to use data and analytics in the next three years. Firms looking to enhance their reporting and analytics should take note of the ability to track case lifecycles within TrialWorks.

Learn how to take advantage of this feature in this tip.

How to Use the Settlement Calculator and Run Reports

The Settlement Calculator is a tool that pulls financial-related data from various places in TrialWorks and runs calculations to auto-generate the amounts of money owed to a number of different individuals or entities.

Please be sure you’re correctly calculating disbursements, preparing settlements and creating both internal and external settlement reports by reading this tip.

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Stay tuned for more TrialWorks Tips, and be sure to check out TrialWorks 11.3 packed with new features and updates!