Are You Tracking Case Lifecycles Today? Find Out How.

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From intake through settlement, TrialWorks users can identify the various phases of a case’s lifecycle by using several fields in tandem found on the Case Info Tab. Using these fields enables the Firm to generate reports that reflect the workflow of a case, how long a case is in a particular stage, and the volume of cases in a particular stage. Ultimately, this enables the Firm to effectively balance the load among staff members.

The Case Info Tab encompasses several fields to track the lifecycle of a case. Let’s explore how to leverage this!

1. Case Status: From the Case Info Tab, choose from 8 different main Case Statuses:

  1. UC = Under Consideration
  2. Open
  3. Closed
  4. Rejected
  5. Purchased Competitor
  6. On Calendar
  7. Substitute
  8. Settled

2: Status and Priority Codes: From the Settings Menu, customize the Status and Priority Code drop-downs:

There are two fields on the Case Info Tab that are self-building, meaning, users can add new entries to the drop-down menu:

3: Case Stage: This may be used as an overflow to the Case Status and/or Status field selections, and may be used to provide additional descriptions of the case stage.

4: Additional Status: This may also be used as an overflow to the Case Status and/or Status field selections to further describe the status of the case.

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