4 Ways to Get Started and Keep Winning with TrialWorks

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TrialWorks is an extremely feature rich case management platform with many options to take advantage of. With that in mind, there are 4 core areas in which users should focus on when getting started – and to keep realizing top-notch results. This week, we are covering the top 4 most important Tabs. These Tabs house 90% of the fields used in most templates and include the Client Tab, Other Parties Tab, Caption Tab and Insurance/Liens Tab. Let’s look at the information populated on these Tabs:

Client Tab:
– Client Demographics fields
– Party Name field
– Client Role
– Date of Accident
– Statute of Limitations

Other Parties
– Party Name
– Attorney Representing
– Adverse Party
– Date Complaint Filed
– Service Deadline
– Service Date
– Answer Filed

– Plaintiff(s)
– Defendant(s)
– Court Division
– Court Name
– Judge
– Arbitrator
– Case/Index #
– Court City
– County/Venue
– Re: (for correspondence)

– Entering the Insurance info for all parties
– Primary
– Insurance Type
– Party
– Adjuster
– Insurance
– Policy No.
– Claim No.
– Policy Limits
– Deductible
– Total

Ensuring that the core 4 Tabs are fully populated will aid in successfully generating documents from most of the Firm’s template libraries including Correspondence, Pleadings, Discovery, Motions, and Deposition.

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