Setting up Default Values

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Sick of having to change the sort order from ascending to descending?

Tired of entering initials after every entry you make?

Make your own user Defaults!

Click on ‘User Tools’ from the home ribbon and then click on ‘Default Values’

photo 2

Options for configuring your personal defaults will appear.

photo 3

  • Typist- Type the initials of the user’s workstation here.  The typist column on the document tabs will automatically populate when creating a new document
  • Set the ‘Sort Order’ by clicking the drop down and selecting Ascending, for highest to lowest, or descending, for sorting low to high. If you select the ‘TrialWorks Default’, settings will appear descending, with the exception of the contact’s tab.
  • Enable or disable reminders upon startup. This will prompt you every day when you launch TrialWorks:  “Do you wish to view your reminders?”
  • To confirm no mistakes, enable or disable the TrialWorks ‘Are You Sure You Want to Exit?’ feature by clicking or unclicking the checkbox to ‘Prompt Before Exiting.’
  • If your firm tracks time, and you wish to be prompted to create a timekeeper entry for emails sent, make sure to set your defaults to “Prompt for time for E-mails”

There are many features available to customize and make TrialWorks function the best for you. Keep in mind, Default Values only affect a specific user, the changes you make will not universally affect any other users in the firm.

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