Learn To Use The TrialWorks ‘Call Log’

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Still using the Notes Tab to track a phone call?

 Then using the Docket to schedule a follow-up for that that same conversation?

Then copying and pasting the conversation into an E-mail to be shared?


Save some time and steps by using the ‘Call Log

Here’s a few ways how:


Start at the Home Ribbon and click Call Log.


  • Case Name: Select a case from the drop-down menu.
  • Caller: Pulls from the selected cases contact list. Select the contact you are speaking with by clicking the drop-down menu.
  • User: Will default to the “Author” of the computer. If no user is listed, click the drop-down and select an author.
  • Start Time: Click to date and time stamp.
  • End Time: As the call ends, click this button and accurately track the time spent on the call.
  • Notes: Make notes as you chat!$$$$
    • New Call: To log a new call, click the ‘Yellow Plus’ sign.
    • TW Docket: Click to add a tickler and Docket the item. The case, the date, the time of call, and the notes will automatically transcribe over to the tickler.
    • Task: Create a follow up Task regarding your phone call.
    • Calendar: Create an Outlook Calendar item. The date and the notes will automatically transfer over to your calendar invitation.
    • Email: Create an Outlook E-mail. The caller’s contact information and the notes will populate the body of the email.
    • TW TimeKeeper: By using the Start Date and End Date, this button will automatically put the call into TimeKeeper, transferring the date, time and notes.
    • TW Notes: Create a Note including the phone call details, time, date and notes. Need a phone number?  Click the Contacts Tab, find the contact and double-click to view the contact details.$$$$$$Need a phone number? Click the Contacts Tab, find the contact and double-click to view the contact details.


Once in a Contact’s Details, click ‘Telephone Log.’


At this window, you can create a new call by following the above steps.

Or, view notes from previous calls by scrolling through the Records.

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