Planning Budgets for Your Case

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Welcome back from Spring Break!

Earlier this Month we reviewed Costs and Case Valuation & Fees. Now we are pulling those all together to help you plan Budgets for your case.

Click the Case Budget button on the Button Bar from the Case Retainer tab. 


Enter the Case Cost Budget at the top of the form. The Case Cost Budget is the amount you want to limit spending on Advanced Client Cost.

Use Timekeeper to budget the amount of time spent on each stage of handling the case. Enter the Case Time Budget by Task Code next (yes, many plaintiff’s firms are now keeping time).


If the Case Cost Budget is reached the Case Alert Message will appear each time you enter the case.


Budgeting a case allows the firm to manage Advanced Client Costs in real-time.

Once the Time Budget has been reached, notification will also be included in the Case Alert.

If you’re interested in learning about handling the financial side of your case in TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800-377-5844 option #1.


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