Organizing Your Templates

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Having a hard time managing your templates?

Use these suggestions to get things organized!

A quick way to manage your templates is to use the Template Category. The Template Category is a self-building list within each type of Template. Just type in the name of the new category and it will be added to the list. Using Template categories shortens the list of available templates to choose from.




Once you have the basic templates created (blank letterhead, blank pleading style, etc.) creating new templates becomes a quick process. Use the Edit Template icon for the basic template and when prompted, answer Yes to create a new template.


Type in the name of your new template and it will be automatically saved and linked back to your template library. Update your template category if it needs to change from the original category.




Each user can setup their own list of default templates from the User Tools > Default Values option. Click on Template Settings and choose the most often used templates. You can choose just a template category or choose both a category and template.




Watch for the next release of TrialWorks to include new E-Mail Templates.

If you’re interested in learning about managing templates in TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800.377.5844 option #1.

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