Case Valuation and Fees

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Want to manage the financial side of a case but don’t know what’s available?

Click on the Case Retainer Info tab

Case Retainer - Valuation and Referral

Valuation – Use the Valuation field to estimate the value of the case based on the damages. Putting a value on a case will help you to estimate a budget for litigation expenses.

Fee – Use the fee amount to designate the percentage agreed to by your client. This figure should come directly from your Retainer Agreement.

Referral Fee – Use the Referral Fee field to designate any amount you have agreed to pay another attorney who referred this case to you. This amount might come from an agreement you have with the Referral Attorney. Maintaining this information, along with the Referral Source, will allow you to reflect on where your cases are originating from.

Referred Out Fee – if you refer the case to another firm use this field. Maintaining the name of the firm you are referring cases to along with the Referral Fee amount will allow you to run reports to show cases you are owed money on.

If you’re interested in learning about handling the financial side of your case in TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800-377-5844 option #1.


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