Integrating Accounting Software with TrialWorks

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Looking to expense postage?

Need to keep track of your filing fees?

Enter the expenses in the ‘Costs’ tab.


Click on the ‘Costs’ tab.

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Click the icon with the Yellow Plus Sign along the button bar.

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When the Expense Detail Window opens, fill in the appropriate fields.

Date: Enter the date of the invoice

Task Code: Use the dropdown to select a task code

Acct: Choose the account the funds are from

Cost: Input the amount

Reduction: Add a reduction if applicable

Client: Choose the client the cost is associated with. Use the dropdown to select more than one.

Contacts or Payee: Choose a contact or a payee for the expense

Address: The address will self-populate if it is attached to the contact or payee

Check No.: Once written, enter the check number

Firm Costs: Click the checkbox if this expense can be reimbursed

Link: Click ‘…’ to open and attach an invoice, or other document, to the cost entry.

Invoice: Use this field as another link field for a scan of the invoice.

Description: Add any notes about the invoice or cost.

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To print the expense, click the Printer icon from the button bar in the Expense Detail Window.

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Email the expense detail by clicking the E-mail icon from the button bar.

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Or, close the door to exit from the detail window.

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The expense will be automatically added as a line item in the ‘Costs’ tab.

Use the ‘Costs’ tab to keep track of expenses. Double click to open, edit or add to an existing entry, send details of the expense through internal emails, or run expense report right from the ‘Costs’ tab.

If you’re interested in learning about integrating Accounting Software with TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800-377-5844 option #1.


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