Mass Reassign Case and Docket Entries

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The Fix Drop Down feature allows you to easily clean-up or replace a user’s case assignments with one easy click. Need to tailor your attorney/support lists? This feature will instantly update all your cases. How about reassign all docket assignments from one user to another? No problem, use the Fix Drop Down feature.

Fix Drop Down Menu within Case Retainer/Info Tab

  • Start by going to the Case Retainer Info tab of any case. We recommend you use a “dummy/test” case
  • Under the Atty or Support field, right click and get the fix drop down menu
  • When the menu pops up, under new value replace it with the correct initials 
    • If you want to remove initials completely leave the new value blank

(If you remove initials, you will lose history that the individual was ever assigned to a case or docket entry. You will not lose the actual case or docket item)

  • Hit clean up
  • Refresh the tabs
  • Go to User Tools and select Recreate Atty/Support list to retain the changes

Fix drop down case retainer

Fix drop down clean up

Recreate Atty list

Fix Drop Down Menu  within Docket Tab

  • Start by going to the Docket Tab of any case. We recommend you use a “dumy/test” case
  • Select an existing docket item and double click
  • Right click in the assigned to field and get the fix drop down menu
    • You can select to replace one user(s) docket items and transfer them to another user
  • Hit clean up (All existing Docket items will now be transferred to the new user)

fix drop down docket

If you’re interested in learning about the Fix Drop Down Menu in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option 2.