Edit/Add/Delete User(s)

In TrialWorks Tips by trialworks

Are you an Admin User of the firm? If so, make sure to keep the firm’s User List updated. Through the Admin User menu you can add, edit, delete, and even upload a signature.

Accessing User List

(Admin User Only)

    • Go to Admin Tools and Select Edit User List
      • Logon Name: Pulls from the Security Module list. These user(s) are authorized by the Admin to access TrialWorks
      • User: This should be the user(s) author name. Example: John Do
      • BarNo. & Hourly Rate: Optional. Enter if applicable
      • User Name: Outlook Alias related field
      • Ext, Firm Info, Initials, and Closing Statement: Should be entered for each user. This information can be used to populate into Templates
  • A List will appear with all the User(s)
  • To Delete a User, select the user and click Delete User button

Add.edit.delete user

Check out the list of Bookmarks to pull in User Related information into templates. For example: You can use the bookmark AuthorSig to drop in a pre-scanned signature into a document.  

Make sure to keep this list updated and delete user(s)from the Security Module and User list if they leave the firm.

If you’re interested in learning about how to Edit/Add/Delete User(s) in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option 2.