Clean up TrialWorks Reminders

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Are you making the most of the TrialWorks Reminders List? Start this year off right and clean up your Reminders List, so it’s up-to date! Make sure to check the Reminders List everyday for your daily tasks and mark each task complete as you go.

Example of Out to Date Reminders

Accessing & Cleaning Up Reminders List

    • Upon TrialWorks opening, a prompt will appear to access your Reminders
    • Any item docketed with a reminder will show up on the list
    • You can also access your Reminders List from the Home Ribbon
    • Make sure to default the Reminders List to your name
      • Use the SHOW field to filter out for Active Cases or Active/Intake
      • Example If you work on only Intake Cases, your Reminders List should be defaulted to Intake Cases Only
  • Use the “Dismiss” column to properly dismiss an item
  • Use the “Complete column to complete an item you no longer need on the list

The Reminder List should be accessed at least once a day

Reminder List up to date

TrialWorks Tip: Don’t let your Reminders List get overloaded with out of date tasks. Be diligent and check the list every day. By Cleaning Up your TrialWorks Reminders you will be able to properly utilize this feature!

If you’re interested in learning about how to Clean up TrialWorks Reminders in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option 2.