Quick Global Calendar Report

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Weekly Calendar Reports are essential for all law firms to keep track of their cases. TrialWorks has built in master and case specific reports that pull from the Docket Tab of each case. Use the Global Calendar Report during your weekly meetings and stay up-to-date.

Accessing Global Calendar Report

  1. Click on Reports and select Docket
  2. Select Global Calendar Report
  3. Select the Time Frame
  4. Select a specific category or case status. Leaving blank will pull in all docket entries within the given time frame.

Additional Options:

  1. Select Both Active/Intake cases. Use the drop down if you only want to see active or intake cases
  2. Select options to show only adjoined, completed, or docketed items with reminders
  3. Once you have selected your criteria, choose Preview Report. Instantly, a report of all calendar entries in the given time frame will appear.

Global Cal Report Home Ribbon

Global Calendar Report options

In the Preview Report Panel, additional options will appear on the ribbon.

User(s) can use the filter, sort, and export buttons.

Additional Options for global docket

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