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File Outlook Calendar Appointments into TrialWorks Docket Tab

Do you love using Outlook for calendaring? Version 10.9 allows users to start their calendar item directly from Outlook and have it save into the Docket Tab of any case with a simple click. Never forget to manage appointments, firm tasks, and court dates in both places.


  1. In Outlook start by clicking on the calendar icon
  2. Choose New Appointment from the Home Ribbon or right click directly on a calendar and choose New Appointment
  3. In the Calendar entry use the Subject line to describe the topic of the due date
  4. Choose a date and time
  5. Use the Body below to add additional details of the particular appointment
Case Name: This will be the TrialWorks case list drop down. This entry will save under the Docket Tab of the case chosen once you choose “File to TrialWorks”
Category: This will complete the activity field in the docket detail
  • Before clicking on Save or Send make sure to add any Invitees to the Appointment or Meeting, if necessary. Click “Invite Attendees” then hit Send

The item will be saved in Outlook and sent to the attendee’s listed. The item will also appear in the Docket Tab of a case.





*TrialWorks Tip*

Ask your firm IT about calendar permissions. This allows users to easily manage their co-workers calendar items when modifications need to be made.

Check your calendar options in Outlook. Turn on “Auto Accept” to automatically accept meetings.
tw5TrialWorks is always one step ahead when it comes to your firm’s needs. We are always thinking of ways to make your time more effective. This new feature does just that!
If you’re interested in learning about filing appointments with the new Outlook Addin in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #2.
*This new features requires Microsoft Outlook 2016 compatibility* 
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