Quick Contact Info from Current Case

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Time is a valuable resource; therefore, any shortcut is a welcome time saver. That’s where Quick Contact comes in. This feature allows you to view, email, and even call any contact in a case with one simple click!

Current Case Ribbon

View Contacts Quickly

  • Without leaving the tab you are working in, click on Current Case
  • On the far right Quick Contact info will appear. Use the drop-down to see all the case contacts.
    • Email Contact: Click on the email address for that specific contact and an email will be composed.
    • Call Contact: Click on the phone number for that specific contact and a phone call will immediately start using the TAPI Addin for you IP Phone and a Call Log entry appears for you to keep track of the details of the call.

Email from current case


Quick Contact Info allows a user to stay in the TrialWorks interface without having to waste time moving to other programs. Users can easily email, call, and view contacts without ever leaving the case they are working in.

If you’re interested in learning about Quick Contact Info in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #2.

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