Customizing TrialWorks Tabs

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Did you know that the Tabs shown in TrialWorks can be modified?

Customize the tabs in TrialWorks to Show or Hide, and/or Choose Alternative Tab Names Globally or for different Case Types of Specific Cases.

To customize the tabs, click on the Settings Tab, Global Settings Icon and Add/Remove Tabs.


Each tab that is viewable will appear with a check box. Uncheck the box for any tab that you do not want to use. Use the Liability Specific icon to turn on tabs based off case type.

Use the Case Specific icon to turn on tabs for a particular case.

Click on the drop down for each tab and choose one of the alternatives to rename a tab. For example, Ancillary can be renamed to Miscellaneous.


All your cases go to trial? Turn on the Trial Material tab by default for all your cases now in Version 10.9!

If you’re interested in learning about customizing tabs in TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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