Creating New Email Templates

In TrialWorks Tips by trialworks

Coming in 10.9 new Email Templates! If you find yourself sending the same message repeatedly, Email Templates can provide a single click solution.

In Outlook, click on the New Mail icon to get started. Create the email and insert bookmarks the same as creating Word Templates.
Once completed, use the Save As Type dropdown to choose Outlook Template (*.oft). Save the template directly to the Templates library E-mail folder. This is the folder directory on your Server.
Adding Templates to the Template Library
In TrialWorks, click Templates then Add/Edit Templates icon to add the Email Template. Use the browse folder icon to upload.
To Generate an Email Template
Click on the Email icon on Home Ribbon or from the Email tab within a case. An option to choose the Template now appears.
Create new Email Templates today in anticipation of 10.9 upgrade!
Need help with preparing Email Templates? Just contact the Training Department at 800-377-5844 option #2