Mailing Wizard Available in 10.9

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Creating each letter, email, envelope, or document individually sometimes takes hours. Now you can use the new Mailing Wizard. Turn Template form letters into individual Correspondence with just a click. Pick a Dashboard or choose Contacts from a case. The Mailing Wizard takes care of the rest.

Start the Mail Merge Process

Choose a Dashboard or single Case to pull the Contact list. For instance, do you need to send a batch of medical requests to different providers for a case? Choose the Case option then select the Contact Type to narrow down to Medical Providers.


 Document Info Choices

Type: Use the dropdown to select the type of document from the Template libraries.

Author: Choose who will be signing the batch of documents.

Template Category: Narrow down your Template choices by selecting a category.

Template: Choose the Template that will be used for the creation of documents.


Preview Documents: Each document that generates will open to preview for additional edits.

 Auto print: Sends the documents directly to the printer.

Generate: Choose this option once all other choices have been chosen.




Additional Options:

Once the documents are created the Mailing Wizard will remain open for additional options.

Email Options: Use the email Template to generate mass emails and attach the documents just created.

Convert the document to PDF before sending.

Print: Print all the documents created at once.

Envelopes: Generate envelopes for each Contact chosen.

Fax: Send all the documents created via fax. (Requires an EFax account set up)

DocuSign: Send all the documents via DocuSign. (Requires a DocuSign account set up).


Finished documents will be saved in their respective Tab and Case.

Look to the new Mailing Wizard features to streamline the process of sending batch documents.

TrialWorks 10.9 has been released. Ask your TrialWorks Admin to Schedule your upgrade if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re interested in learning about the new 10.9 Mailing Wizard in TrialWorks, contact Training Support at 800-377-5844 option #2.

TrialWorks 10.9 has been released. Schedule your upgrade if you haven’t already done so.


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