Working with the Global Address Book

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The Global Address book allows the entire firm to access one complete and consolidated solution for firm-wide contacts. Instead of having individuals keep their own lists of addresses, phone numbers, and emails all the information will be listed in one central location.

twDifferent ways to access the Global Address Book

– Access the Global Address Book on the Home Ribbon

– Click “Show All” so all contacts will appear. The default contact type will always be a specific type such as Client or Attorney (This is a default setting)

– Type, Search, and even filter to find a contact

      • Add this contact: This will place the contact in the current case in the background
      • Copy Contact Info: Contact address info will be copied to your clipboard and can be pasted into Word or other program
      • View/Edit Contact: Allows you to view or make changes to a specific contact. These changes will apply globally once saved
      • New Contact: Create a new contact that will be inserted into the Global Address Book and used for future cases  
      • Delete: This will delete a contact globally throughout all cases

– The Global Address Book allows the user to easily access information for any contact, regardless of the case they are in. If a contact has an E-Mail address, simply click the link and an E-mail will be composed.

tw2*TrialWorks Tip*

Each user can change the default datasheet of the Global Address Book. Click on a column header and drag the columns to your preference. This will be saved for future use automatically.

*Please note that Global Address Book searches with the SaveAs field always even if you move column headers*

tw1Before adding a new contact, everyone should search the Global Address Book first to ensure the contact does not exist already. Assuring accuracy and reducing duplicated efforts is key to preserving the Global Address Book.

If you’re interested in learning about Global Address Book in TrialWorks, contact Tech Support at 800-377-5844 option #2.

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