Using the New Contact Field Deponent in TrialWorks

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Called to Depose in a Lawsuit?
Use the new contact field Deponent! Creating a Depo type template just got easier. In 10.9, we provide the ability to pull in a Deponent’s full address block into a document now. Gone are the days of manually having to re-type the deponent’s address into a document.
Bookmark Name: DeponentAddress
*When entering a bookmark do not use spaces*
Using a videographer during a deposition?
Use the new bookmark to pull in the full address of the videographer for your deposition.
Bookmark Name: VideographerAddress
*When entering a bookmark do not use spaces*
Bookmark Detail
Make sure to set up the contacts related to a case under the Contacts Tab first. This will feed into the Deposition Tab under the related fields such as Court Reporter, Videographer and Deponent.
Within the Deposition Detail, use the drop-down menu to pull in the information. The use of free-typing is no longer necessary.
Deponent in Contact Tab
Depo Detail
Users can avoid entering information more than once. Creating the Deponent field into a Contact record helps to preserve the data being entered into TrialWorks. Instead of having drop-down menu’s with miscellaneous data, use the Address Book to keep track of anyone ever contacted in a case.
If you’re interested in learning about Deponent Fields in TrialWorks, contact Training at (800) 377-5844 option 2.
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