Using the ‘Contact Search’ button

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Can’t remember what case that expert testified in… or what other clients saw that same doctor? Want to see how many cases a contact appears in?

Use the ‘Contact Search’ button!


Placed on the ‘Home’ ribbon


Click ‘Contact Search’ to open the search window.

In this example, I know the contact I want to find is a Judge whose first name is John.

Let’s see what we come up with…


Select the type of contact (Judge) and enter as little or as much
of the contact information you are sure of (John).

Click Search.


 The first screen that populates is the contact’s details.
If there is more than one contact, scroll through the records on the bottom left of the box by clicking the black arrow to see the different Judge’s.

Once you’ve found the correct contact, you can view all cases the contact appears in and the intake cases they appear in.


Use this search feature to QUICKLY find a contact with little information about them!

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