Shortcut Me to a Closing Statement!

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Who doesn’t love a shortcut? Would you rather take 10 steps to start a task, or, with just a few keystrokes, navigate to the same place? The “ALT” button on your keyboard facilitates fabulous shortcuts that will make you more efficient and more productive! For example:

Pressing ALT-C” on your keyboard reveals over 10 keyboard shortcuts on your Ribbon Bar. Notice the small boxes beneath each function tab beginning with the letter, “Y.” Here’s what they look like:

Shortcut - Ribbon Bar with highlights-44214 (1)

Now, let’s take a look at ALT-C YD,” which is the shortcut to Closing Statements.  

Shortcut - Ribbon Bar - Closing Statements-44214 (1)

Once you initiate this shortcut by pressing ALT-C YD,” you will be able to select from three function options in your dropdown list: (1) Closing Statement;  (2) Closing Statement Showing Reduction; or (3) Closing Statement Liens and Medical. The screen looks like this:

Shortcut - Ribbon Bar - Closing Statements dropdown-44214

If you select “Closing Statement,” here’s an example of the report that will automatically generate:

Shortcut - Ribbon Bar - Closing Statement-44214

If you’re interested in learning more about keyboard shortcuts in TrialWorks, contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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