Search the Address Book

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Why Do Trainers Say, “Search the Address Book!”?

Because that’s where you’ll find your Contact Records and all of the important details about each contact in your database such as phone numbers, addresses, case associations, communications… and so much more in TrialWorks case management software.

Search The Address book Legal Software Feature

The TrialWorks Address Book is the storage place for all the Firm’s Contact Records. It houses every email, phone number, address and other vital pieces of information about the people and organizations associated with your Firm’s cases.

Go to Home > Address Book to search by a specific Contact Type using criteria such as name, company, address, email or phone number. Always remember to clear your Filters, choose the Contact Types, and then run your search.

Address Book Interface Screen

Filter on any of the columns to further narrow your search, or, highlight the row of the Contact Record to Add Selected Contact to a case.

Case Management Software Address Book Entries

Trainers say, “Search the Address Book” before adding a new contact record to (1) simplify adding existing records to a case; and (2) avoid creating duplicate records in the Firm’s database.

TrialWorks strives to make your daily work life easier and more productive. For more information on Contact Management in TrialWorks, please call our office at (305) 357-6500 and ask for the Training Department. Stay tuned for more Tips, make sure to check out our website for more information on TrialWorks 11!