Opt-In/Out of the Reminders Window in Seconds

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Most TrialWorks users are accustomed to seeing the Reminders Window when they first launch TrialWorks. That’s because most Firms have affirmatively elected to have this feature open for all users automatically every day. 

You can set this feature up in Global Settings as shown below:

Global Settings > Other Settings

If you see a checkmark in the box, the feature is active for all users.

Some Firms allow their users to make their own determination whether to have the Reminders Window open at startup every day and choose not to activate the Enable Reminders on Startup feature. Users at these firms may activate the feature by checking the same box shown below:

User Tools > Default Values > User Settings and Help

Note: Best practices dictate to enable the Reminders on Startup feature automatically for all users to ensure proper maintenance of their daily docket responsibilities.

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